Support in the area of ​​Arma 3 - Application

  • Hi, I'd like to declare my interest and apply towards the Support role for the Arma 3 servers

    My Name is JumpyHumpySpider and i've been an avid player on your Chernarus server for some substantial time, helping other players as well as my own play.

    I tend to do my best in helping others be it advice in game, assistance in game or even a helpful reminder of the rules for those less intellectual on reading, I have even assisted in some players getting started by giving them advice on Rep gain and money making without combat if said player is uneasy on entering the battle zone.

    i have even considered myself a member of the "Chernarus neighbourhood Watch" when keeping tabs on players!

    That being said i have a few weaknesses also;

    - i have played Arma 3 but not been very well in-depth with the Ins and outs of its system, i am hoping more experience in this area will improve that.

    - while i speak English as fluently as a Englishman can, my knowledge of German is Nicht gut, borderline non-existent.. however i feel that can be bypassed via a decent Translator such as Google or other recommended Translators.

    i am looking forward for the reply to my application and hopeful to work with the team in some form.

    Thank you for your time


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