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    please someone correct me if I'm wrong.

    1. I'm not sure but I think some roaming AIs also have rocket launchers either on soldiers or on vehicles.
    2. In my experience they start shooting at you around the 500-600 meter mark if you're on a land vehicle.
    3. In my experience wish for the best and if they shoot at you with a "dumbfire" aka non-guidable missile, hit the brakes, change driving direction, go behind hill/building and sometimes I just jump out of the car (it confuses the AI when the vehicle becomes unoccupied and they start ignoring the vehicle but only SOMETIMES). If they shoot at you with guidable missiles you're pretty much screwed unless you can take cover behind hill or building, but Titan launchers can shoot high up first then start homing on you so a low building/object may not protect you. Also if you approach a mission site, try to do it through a forest, they cannot lock on you if you got good tree cover.
    4. I think the only way is to try to look if anyone of them is grabbing their rocket launcher and aim at you but it is difficult when you're far away.