General Topics

Are there special benefits for donators?

We currently offer the following ranks for VIP, depending on the duration and amount of donations:

- VIP light (lasts for one month; you have to donate at least 5 Euros)

- VIP plus (lasts for three months; you have to donate at least 50 Euros)

- VIP gold (lasts for six months; very high donations or long-term donators)*

In general, we offer the following bonuses for donors:

- faster support

- own TeamSpeak 3 and Discord channel

- access to our Minecraft server

For Arma 3: due to Bohemia Interactive's regulation that mod creators are free to monetize their mods, we can offer no to limited bonuses for donators due to the use of CUP, RHS and 3CB.

Currently we can offer donors the following:

- faster and better support

- relocation of the base flag (from VIP light, but at least 10 Euros)**

- transfer money and respect to another server (from VIP light, but at least 20 Euros)

- restoration of bases (from VIP light, but at least 25 Euros)

- slightly higher payout of poptabs at Wages

- more vehicles refundable in Self Service (Panel)

- every 60 minutes of active playtime you get up to three Rubberducks depending on your VIP rank***

* VIP gold is additionally unlocked for Supporters

** this applies to the owner of the base, not members

** Rubberducks can be used to craft special items, including vehicles.

Arma 3 Exile

How can I improve the performance of the game?

Due to the number of mods that are loaded at start-up, it is important to use an SSD hard disk or an NVMe hard disk. These sometimes work hundreds of times faster than an outdated HDD hard drive.

The processor is also important for Arma 3. Contrary to what is usually claimed, it is not the number of cores that is important, but the clock frequency. Accordingly, we recommend a processor with at least 4 cores (with Hyperthreading 8 cores), which has a clock frequency of at least 3 GHz. However, the most common processors from Intel and AMD already achieve higher values.

In addition to the processor, the graphics card is also important. Do not use old graphics cards or the integrated graphics unit of the processor.

At least important is the main memory, whereby we recommend a minimum of 8 GB. Please note the clock frequency supported by the mainboard and processor. You can find information about this on the manufacturer's website or in the manual.

You can also find more information about the hardware on these websites:

- https://www.harddrivebenchmark.net/

- https://www.cpubenchmark.net/

- https://www.memorybenchmark.net/

- https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/

To further improve the performance of Arma 3, you can use the Performance Branch of the game. You can find more information here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3:_Steam_Branches

Also you can boost the performance with the following settings in the Launcher:


You can also find more information about Arma 3 on the official Discord of the Arma family: https://discord.com/invite/arma

How does Base Building work?

1. Find a nice place where you want to build.
2. Use 'Can I build here?' on the XM8 front page and check, if this place is available.
3. You can buy yourself a flag at the Trader. It costs 75.450 Poptabs and requires 50.000 Respect.
4. When you place the flag, please use a proper name. Otherwise admins will rename it.

5. Players within a group are allowed to have a maximum of two territories.

6. Bases have to be renewed after 30 days.

Level Purchase Price Radius Number of Objects Virtual Garage
1 75.450
2 151.750
3 229.300
4 308.500
5 389.750
6 473.450
7 560.000
8 649.800
9 743.250
10 840.750
11 942.700
12 1.049.500
13 1.161.550
14 1.279.250
15 1.403.000
16 1.533.200
17 1.670.250
18 1.814.550
21 2.294.950
22 2.472.250
23 2.658.800
24 2.855.000
25 3.061.250
26 3.277.950
218 260 78
27 3.505.500
226 270 81
28 3.744.300
234 280 84
29 3.994.750
242 290 87
30 4.257.250
250 300 90

Vehicles may remain on the server for 48 hours and are then automatically deleted. For the benefit of the frames (FPS) of your fellow players and of course yourself, the vehicles should be parked in the virtual garage. Bases must be paid for every 30 days.

How can I move the flag of my base?

The flag can only be moved by an admin. As this is a high effort, this service is only offered to donators.

Alternatively, you cannot pay for your base. This means that it expires and you can place a flag again.

Why are mission vehicles not replaced?

Mission vehicles in that sense no longer exist.Most vehicles, except for rewards from static missions, must be claimed. Claimed vehicles run on the player's own account and can therefore be replaced. All vehicles that do not run on the player's account will not be replaced.

Vehicles from static missions are generally not replaced.

Why do I only see question marks in the Trader?

The question marks mean that you do not have enough respect for the item to be displayed.

The respect levels can be found here: https://avmg.eu/index.php?faq/#entry-20

Which Launcher should I use?

Since the Arma 3 launcher has been constantly improved over the last few years, we recommend using it.

We are aware that there are still players who use the A3Launcher http://a3launcher.com/. Due to the limited support, we strongly advise against using this launcher. Also, there are always errors caused by its use.

If you need help setting up or understanding the onboard Arma 3 launcher, please feel free to join the Arma 3 Discord: https://discord.gg/arma

BattlEye Query Timeout - how can I fix this problem?

This error occurs when the game is not able to contact with the servers BattlEye service or with the BattlEye servers.

Check in Task Manager if this process is running and kill it with right click:


Go in these folders and check for BattlEye folders and delete them:





After that, please restart your Computer so running processes are closed. When done, please verfiy the game cache via Steam:


After that, start Arma 3 and check out under BattlEye if the setting is correctly set:


I get the error Signature mismatch, how can I fix it?

At first please verify the game cache of Arma 3:


If it's a mod, you also can repair the mod via Arma 3 Launcher:


I'm getting constantly kicked - why?

First of all, please create a ticket in Discord so that we can help you with this.

Please download the following file: https://sourceforge.net/projec…tr/files/WinMTR-v092.zip/

Extract the file WinMTR-v092.zip and open the folder WinMTR_x64. Double click WinMTR.exe. Now a program should open which looks like this:


In the "Host" field, enter the IP address of the server on which you are playing. You can find the IP address as follows:


Please leave the MTR open for at least 1000 runs. Please send the MTR data in the ticket you opened. Please also give us your public IPv4 address (you can find this, e.g. via https://whatismyipaddress.com/) so that we can also perform an MTR from the server.

Is it possible to change the loadout of vehicles?

No, it is not possible to change the loadout.

However, in Vehicle Crafting we offer vehicles with a modified configuration. Many thanks for the ideas to Vaco.

Why is the image blurred in some vehicles?

This is a known bug, especially in RHS vehicles. Mostly Russian T-tanks are affected, but also helicopters.

The problem can be solved by setting the graphics settings PiP (Picture in Picture) to Very High or Ultra.

Why does my backpack disappear when using a parachute?

Due to the physics in Arma 3, any use of the parachute, e.g. replacing in inventory or catapulting out of an aircraft, will cause the backpack to disappear or be deleted. We therefore advise against carrying a backpack in aircraft. If the backpack is lost due to something like this, it will not be replaced.

What happens if I commit a rule violation with the artillery/warship?

First of all, we would like to point out that any violation of the rules will be punished.

Since this is a high-value vehicle, we have to differentiate to what extent previous rule violations influence the punishment.

Generally, we give a warning for the first offence. In case of a second offence, the vehicle will be deleted after consultation with a higher team member. If there is another offence after that, a ban on using that vehicle will be issued.

Tips and Tricks

- parking on objects is dangerous as there is a very high chance that the vehicle will explode

- you can use a defibrillator to resuscitate your friends, which saves time

- vehicles can be spawned via the XM8 for a low cost; you will also need Duct Tape

- for Radioactive Zone Missions you need a full Hazmat Suit (Contact DLC may be required)

- use your environment to craft things

- the most powerful helicopters can also lift tanks; to prevent bugs, the pilot must be the last driver of the lifted vehicle

- a large number of vehicles can be crafted via the CDAH Vehicle Crafting Terminal

- when crafting, the Tempest (Device) can be used to load certain items directly

- Flares in the helicopter can be used by pressing the C key (or CTRL + C)

- vehicles without PIN can be claimed with a Code Lock

- you can plant certain plants by placing seeds like objects

- in Fishing Zones you can go fishing with a boat

- at certain zones on the beach you can craft sandbags

How is the Harvesting System working?

All over the map you can find seeds. You can also find them in Gear Crates, Ship Wrecks and DMS Missions.

When you have found seeds, you can plant them via double click in your territory. You can plant a maximum of 10 plants per species, depending on the territory level. The following levels are needed:

Base Level 1 - 4: One Plant

Base Level 5 - 9: Two Plants

Base Level 10 - 14: Three Plants

Base Level 15 - 19: Four Plants

Base Level 20 - 25: Five Plants

Base Level 26: Six Plants

Base Level 27: Seven Plants

Base Level 28: Eight Plants

Base Level 29: Nine Plants

Base Level 30: Ten Plants

Every plant has to be watered and fertilized. You can do both 30 times, but only once per server period.

When you plant the seeds, the plant needs at least 5 days to grow. So after 5 days you can harvest it.

The more you water and fertilize it, the more it returns when harvested.

The maximum amount of returns is 12 items per plant.

For watering you need a Water Canister with Fresh Water or a Bottle of Fresh Water.

You can craft Fertilizer with the following items: Rotten Berries, Rotten Orange, Rotten Apple, Rotten Apricot, Rotten Pear, Rotten Watermelon, Rotten Banana and Rotten Carrot. There is also a Chemical Fertilizer made from raw meat and batteries. This fertilises better. You can craft the Fertilizer with a Empty Food Canister you can buy. The rotten fruits can be found everywhere on the map and also on DMS Missions.

Some plants give rotten fruits when harvested. The probability is 1:1.

The selling price for drugs per plant is at least 200,000 poptabs, depending on the skill.

How much respect do you need for the respect levels?

Level 1: 0

Level 2: 3.125

Level 3: 6.250

Level 4: 12.500

Level 5: 25.000

Level 6: 50.000

Level 7: 75.000

Level 8: 100.000

Level 9: 125.000

Level 10: 150.000

Level 11: 175.000

Level 12: 200.000

Level 13: 250.000

Level 14: 300.000

Level 15: 500.000

Level 16: 1.000.000

Level 17: 1.250.000

Level 18: 1.500.000

Level 19: 1.750.000

Level 20: 2.000.000

Level 21: 2.500.000

Level 22: 3.000.000

Level 23: 3.500.000

Level 24: 4.000.000

Level 25: 5.000.000

How much does an upgrade of the Trader Virtual Garage cost?
Amount of Vehicles
Upgrade Cost
Level 1
5 Vehicles
Level 2
10 Vehicles 150.000 Poptabs
Level 3
15 Vehicles
225.000 Poptabs
Level 4
20 Vehicles
300.000 Poptabs
Level 5
25 Vehicles
375.000 Poptabs
Level 6
30 Vehicles
450.000 Poptabs
Level 7
35 Vehicles
525.000 Poptabs
Level 8
40 Vehicles
600.000 Poptabs
Level 9
45 Vehicles
675.000 Poptabs
Level 10
50 Vehicles
750.000 Poptabs
What are the skill levels?

There is a maximum of 10 skill levels. The skills are calculated 100*level. This means that you have to do 1000 activities in one area to get level 10.

Depending on the level, there is a multiplier in the earnings. This is 0.25 + level. This means that at level 10 you have a multiplier of 2. This means that depending on the activity, there is a chance of better items or the output is doubled.

There are skill levels for the following activities, and skill points are also shown for each.

  1. Fishing
    1. Fishing from a boat
  2. Salvaging
    1. Crafting sandbags
  3. Verschrotten
    1. Salvaging of vehicles
  4. Harvesting
    1. Water plants
    2. Fertilize plants
    3. Harvest plants
  5. Crystals
    1. not implemented yet
  6. Ores
    1. not implemented yet
  7. Crafting
    1. not implemented yet
  8. Hunting
    1. Killing animals
    2. Gut animals
  9. Wood Chopping
    1. Chopping trees
How is Vehicle Crafting working?

A good alternative for buying vehicles is crafting them.

For crafting vehicles you need need a own Territory, alternatively you can also be a part of a Territory (build rights).

The most important items for vehicle crafting is the 'Vehicle Crafting Terminal'. With it build in your Territory, you can craft almost any vehicle.

Requirements for certain vehicles can be read directly from the Terminal itself. All additional needed base objects can be bought directly at the Hardware Trader. All parts needed can be found in the world.

To finally craft a vehicle you have to put all required items into the Vehicle Crafting Box, open the VC Terminal and choose the vehicle you want to craft and press 'Craft'.

Remember: Only put the items in the box which are really required for crafting. The Box will be wiped every time you craft something.

Required Base Levels for Vehicle Crafting:

No Level required: Special vehicles

Level 1: Bikes, Karts

Level 2: -/-

Level 3: -/-

Level 4: Cars (Unarmed), Trucks (Unarmed)

Level 5: -/-

Level 6: Cars (Light Armed), Trucks (Light Armed)

Level 7: -/-

Level 8: APC (Unarmed), IFV (Unarmed), Boats (Unarmed), Boats (Submarines), Boats (Service), Helicopter (Unarmed)

Level 9: -/-

Level 10: Boats (Light Armed), Cars (Medium Armed), Tanks (Unarmed), Trucks (Medium Armed)

Level 11: -/-

Level 12: APC (Light Armed), IFV (Light Armed), Cars (Heavy Armed), Helicopter (Light Armed), Trucks (Heavy Armed)

Level 13: -/-

Level 14: APC (Medium Armed), IFV (Medium Armed), Boats (Medium Armed), Helicopter (Medium Armed), Planes (Unarmed), Air Service Vehicle (Medic), Tanks (Light Armed), Service Vehicle (Medic)

Level 15: -/-

Level 16: -/-

Level 17: -/-

Level 18: APC (Heavy Armed), IFV (Heavy Armed), Planes (Light Armed), Air Service Vehicle (Repair), Air Service Vehicle (Rearm), Air Service Vehicle (Refuel),

Tanks (Medium Armed), Service Vehicle (Repair), Service Vehicle (Rearm), Service Vehicle (Refuel), Service Vehicle (Multi), Service Vehicle (Crafting), Service Vehicle (Tow Trucks), Service Vehicle (Radio)

Level 19: -/-

Level 20: Boats (Heavy Armed)

Level 21: -/-

Level 22: Tanks (Heavy Armed)

Level 23: -/-

Level 24: SPG (AA), SPG (Direct Fire Artillery), Planes (Medium Armed)

Level 25: Boats (Transport), Boats (Armed Ships), Helicopter (Heavy Armed), Planes (Heavy Armed)

How is fishing working?

One of the most basic activities is fishing. But how it works?

It's actually pretty easy. Buy yourself a boat and drive to the nearest Fishing Waters. There you can do fishing while click 'Fish' via Scroll Menu*.

You only need a Fishing Net. Remember to bring more, as you might loose yours.

Why should I do fishing?

You should do it not only because you can get some scrap and metal, you also get Rubber Ducks.

Rubber Ducks are needed for crafting some Special vehicles in the Vehicle Crafting Terminal.

* if the Scroll Menu is not showing up, please do a relog

Why is there no spawning Roaming AI?

The roaming AI only spawns up to a player count of 15 players. After that, the spawn is deactivated on the script side to save resources on the server. However, existing roaming AI will continue to be processed on the server.