How can I improve the performance of the game?

Due to the number of mods that are loaded at start-up, it is important to use an SSD hard disk or an NVMe hard disk. These sometimes work hundreds of times faster than an outdated HDD hard drive.

The processor is also important for Arma 3. Contrary to what is usually claimed, it is not the number of cores that is important, but the clock frequency. Accordingly, we recommend a processor with at least 4 cores (with Hyperthreading 8 cores), which has a clock frequency of at least 3 GHz. However, the most common processors from Intel and AMD already achieve higher values.

In addition to the processor, the graphics card is also important. Do not use old graphics cards or the integrated graphics unit of the processor.

At least important is the main memory, whereby we recommend a minimum of 8 GB. Please note the clock frequency supported by the mainboard and processor. You can find information about this on the manufacturer's website or in the manual.

You can also find more information about the hardware on these websites:





To further improve the performance of Arma 3, you can use the Performance Branch of the game. You can find more information here:

Also you can boost the performance with the following settings in the Launcher:


A customized Memory Allocator can be one like this:

You can also find more information about Arma 3 on the official Discord of the Arma family: