Are there special benefits for donators?

We currently offer the following ranks for VIP, depending on the duration and amount of donations:

- VIP light (lasts for one month; you have to donate at least 10 Euros)

- VIP plus (lasts for three months; you have to donate at least 50 Euros)

- VIP gold (lasts for six months; very high donations or long-term donators)*

In general, we offer the following bonuses for donors:

- own Discord channel

- access to our Minecraft server

For Arma 3: due to Bohemia Interactive's regulation that mod creators are free to monetize their mods, we can offer no to limited bonuses for donators due to the use of CUP, RHS and 3CB.

Currently we can offer donors the following:

- more vehicles refundable in Self Service (Panel)

- every 60 minutes of active playtime you get up to three Rubberducks depending on your VIP rank**

* VIP gold is additionally unlocked for Supporters

** Rubberducks can be used to craft special items, including vehicles.