What are the skill levels?

There is a maximum of 10 skill levels. The skills are calculated 100*level. This means that you have to do 1000 activities in one area to get level 10.

Depending on the level, there is a multiplier in the earnings. This is 0.25 + level. This means that at level 10 you have a multiplier of 2. This means that depending on the activity, there is a chance of better items or the output is doubled.

An explanation of the yield can be found in the FAQ article on the activity, if available.

There are skill levels for the following activities, and skill points are also shown for each.

  1. Fishing
    1. Fishing from a boat
  2. Salvaging
    1. Crafting sandbags
  3. Verschrotten
    1. Salvaging of vehicles
  4. Harvesting
    1. Water plants
    2. Fertilize plants
    3. Harvest plants
  5. Mining
    1. Mining of stones in the quarry
  6. Crafting
    1. not implemented yet
  7. Hunting
    1. Killing animals
    2. Gut animals
  8. Wood Chopping
    1. Chopping trees

The current limit of skill points is 5000.