How is the ATM Robbery working?

ATMs spawn on all servers. The spawn of these machines is always randomised (= not always in the same position). You can break open the machines with a crowbar. The crowbar will break in the process. The amount you get depends on your Robbery Skill. Vending machines can be used outside the safe zone to transfer money. You will need a credit card for this.

- each robbery guarantees you at least 12500 poptabs and 750 respect

- the guaranteed amount of poptabs increases by 0.1 with each skill level, so you can get up to 25,000 poptabs

- for each skill point you receive 25 poptabs, which means that with 1000 skill points you receive 25,000 poptabs.

- with skill level 10 you have the chance to get up to 50,000 poptabs

- as your skill level increases, you have a random chance of getting up to 100,000 poptabs

- with a certain percentage you have the chance that the crowbar will not break