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    This updates resolves HTML encoding in displayed mission names in multiplayer (%20 -> space etc.) and expands the mission date range in the editor from year 1900 to 2050. It also includes various other bug fixes and small improvements.


    • ADDED: URL encoding in displayed mission names replaced with characters (#1150, #1166) commy2
    • ADDED: CBA_fnc_randomVector3D (#1151, #1164) commy2
    • ADDED: Extended editor attribute and date module range from year 1900 to 2050 (#1155) Drofseh
    • ADDED: Support for cartridge ejection effect on weapon repeat (#1158) commy2
    • ADDED: Warnings in RPT for misconfigured item masses in the disposable framework (#1161) commy2
    • ADDED: Scripted optics texture rotation effect depending on weapon bank (#1162) commy2
    • ADDED: 'Lifetime' setting for notifications (CBA_fnc_notify) (#1175) jonpas
    • ADDED: Optional argument 'Skippable' to CBA_fnc_notify (#1175) jonpas
    • ADDED: hideMagnification parameter for scripted optics (#1176) commy2
    • ADDED: disableTilt parameter for scripted optics (#1176) commy2
    • ADDED: CBA_fnc_progressBar reports failure code (#1177) McDiod
    • CHANGED: Accessory functions use CBA_fnc_notify (#1167) jonpas
    • CHANGED: Removed high capacity CBA magwells from MK20 (#1152) Drofseh
    • CHANGED: Updated configs for scripted optics radial blur effects (#1163, #1165) commy2
    • OPTIMIZED: Implement base game matrix scripting commands (#1173) oOKexOo
    • FIXED: Name and description for 7.62x51 mm 150 round belt box (#1147, #1148) LuizBarros99 veteran29
    • FIXED: Flashlight effect after attachment switch not updated (#1154) tbeswick96
    • FIXED: Unloaded magazines not reported by CBA_fnc_uniqueUnitItems (#1156, #1157) zharf commy2
    • FIXED: Scripted optics textures disappear in pause menu in multiplayer (#1160) commy2
    • FIXED: CBA_fnc_removeItemCargo removes all containers instead of specified quantity (#1153, #1168) jonpas
    • FIXED: PIP camera not updated when changing optics while in optics view (#1176) commy2


    • When switching to or from PIP Mode of a weapon with integrated optic, the gunlight of the pointer attachment of the weapon is turned off once.

    You can still get your money, respect and two vehicles of your choice after the deadline.

    Just contact our support.

    Deadline for this offer is Friday, 12th July 2019 (whole day).


    verschwundene Fahrzeuge an Tradern:

    - bevor du einen Admin anschreibst überprüfe bitte, ob das entsprechende Fahrzeuge nicht auf dem Parkplatz (XYZ Parking Spot) steht


    Vanished vehicles on traders:

    - before write to an Admin, check the parking spot on the server you are playing on

    Hallo Leute,

    im Zuge unserer Sommerpause werden die Server Esseker und Rosche zum 07.07.2019 abgeschalten.

    Jeder Spieler hat die Möglichkeit sein Geld, Respekt und maximal zwei Fahrzeuge auf einen anderen Server (Altis oder Chernarus) zu transferieren.

    Die Sommerpause wird bis voraussichtlich 01.09.2019 statt finden. Wie es dann ausschaut, werden wir dann sehen.


    Hey guys,

    in connection with our summer break we will close our Esseker and Rosche servers on 7th July 2019.

    Every player got the opportunity to move their money, respect and two vehicles to another server (Altis or Chernarus).

    After the summer break, which will hold until 1th September 2019, we will take a closer look at what we're gonna do then.


    am kommenden Freitag werden Wartungsarbeiten in Bezug auf TeamSpeak und Web durchgeführt. Ungefähre Downtime wird mit ca. 30min gerechnet.



    on the following friday we will do a maintenance on TeamSpeak and Web. There will be a downtime for approx. 30min.

    Auf Grund eines ungeplanten Softwarefehlers sind die Server leider noch einige Zeit offline. Wir hoffen, dass die Server im Laufe des Abends wieder laufen.

    Because of an unwanted software error both servers are a bit more longer offline. We hope that we can fix it soon.

    Aktuell läuft Altis und Rosche wieder - es kann aber später noch mal zu einem Ausfall kommen

    Altis and Rosche are now back on for now - but there will be another downtime later - no ETA


    auf Grund einer Überprüfung der Lüftung des Servers wird dieser in den nächsten Minuten für bis zu 30 Minuten offline sein.



    as for maintenance because of a heat problem the servers will be offline for approx. 30 minutes.