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    - added new items to the following Vehicle Traders: Boat, SPG, APC, Service Vehicle, Cars (Armed)*, Planes (Unarmed), Planes (Armed)**, Helicopter (Medium Armed)

    - * removed Hilux (Rockets) from Traders

    - added new vehicles to the XM8 Heal button

    - ** added the AC-130U Spooky II for 49 Mio Poptabs

    - ** removed all planes with Cluster

    - added two new manual loading vehicle classes to trader: APC & IFV -> they cost 50% less but you have to buy the ammo

    - added new Art of War items to traders

    - fixed bug, where infiSTAR was not fully loaded and produced bugs on server and client

    - ropes can now be choosen again on helicopters

    - activated city missions on Napf again

    - added animations to Altis traders

    - fixed small bug in statsbar

    - added missing map part to Napf

    - you can now access the trader virtual garage from Vehicle Trader AND Aircraft Trader

    - removed MarXet because players really never used it

    - set some settings according to original Exile mission files

    - redesigned Altis Traders a bit

    - increased Altis Airport Safe Zone a bit

    - fixed some bugs regarding payments (money, respect) for XM8 functions (like spawn crates etc.)

    - removed Boeing 737, Tornado and Mozzie

    - replaced Mozzie with Hummingbird and Hummingbird with UH-1H

    - installed new Loot Spawner

    - bases have to renewed every 15 days now

    - added Cement and Sand to Gear Crates

    - removed random AI radio sound

    - fixed bug, where crafted vehicles cannot be locked

    - boats and bikes can now be claimed by players

    - you can now claim vehicles while you are in combat

    - activated logging for claimed vehicles

    - adjusted A3XAI to have better performance

    - adjusted loot settings of DMS missions

    - added Elektro as blacklist for city missions to prevent interferences on USMC trader

    - moved Klen spawn to Olsha and increased Klen no building zone

    - added new Civilian Trader to Klen

    - added new mapping to Napf






    Start: 3. März 2021 05:00:00 CET
    Ende: 3. März 2021 05:30:00 CET (voraussichtlich)


    Auf Grund eines dringenden Updates an folgendem Routern:

    fsn1-dc15-ex9k1 -

    wird es am 03.03.2021, zwischen 05:00 Uhr und 05:30 Uhr (CET), zu einer maximal 30-minütigen Verbindungsunterbrechung kommen. Dies betrifft alle Server, welche mit dem oben genannten Router verbunden sind. Bitte entschuldigen Sie die Unannehmlichkeiten.

    Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis.


    I would like to give you a short hint for the next update.

    MarXet will be completely removed, and all listed items will be deleted as well. Please buy back your valuable items so that they are not lost. Alternatively you can contact an admin.

    The 737 Mod Pack and the Tornado will be removed from the server. Please sell these vehicles, they will be deleted after the update!

    Besides that, I can say that we have made a lot of adjustments on the performance level. Be prepared!


    ich möchte euch im Allgemeinen einen kurzen Hinweis für das näcshte Update geben.

    MarXet wird komplett entfernt, entsprechend werden auch alle gelisteten Items gelöscht. Bitte kauft euch eure wertvollen Items zurück, damit diese nicht verloren gehen. Alternativ könnt ihr euch gerne an einen Admin wenden.

    Dazu wird das 737 Mod Pack sowie die Tornado vom Server entfernt. Verkauft bitte diese Fahrzeuge, das sie nach dem Update gelöscht werden!

    Sonst kann ich sagen, dass wir viele Anpassungen seitens Performance vorgenommen haben. Seid gespannt!