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  • Maleeeeee happy Easter at You , Familiy and all Staff AVMG!!! 8)

    Renew vip status for Duck THX ,when have a time. :/ :saint: :saint: :saint: :saint: :saint: ;)

  • Respond on ticket Hans delete for "not worked of owner" sorry but i job around europe and is impossible connect never at server

    Manu's work on my base for me. But rules are rules only if possible restore my material and veicles for recostruct base new


    And good job at all stuff

    Good day

  • Sorry But where my teritory? IPW CASASAPOUND OLD? AT 121105?

    because deleted? my material? may base? i pay to 19/03/2024


  • Sorry evening Mate, every day arrive on Mail :rolleyes:

    "Payment reminder for your Base on Arma 3 Exile: Napf

    "The payment of your base is running out on 21.02.2024 22:43. Please pay your protection money or your base is lost.

    You can contact us always for questions and ideas on


    Your AVMG.EU Team"

    THX and good job ;)

  • loooollllll now !! and 3


  • Maleeeee ping 30 to 350 ms are not my connection!!!!


  • I managed to donate, as soon as you can reactivate me Vip status plus, thanks for everything, have a nice weekend

  • "An error has occurred

    Internal error code: 9fed199b7eb4fe04310a865cc6981637ed773619

    What happened?

    An error has occurred while trying to handle your request and execution has been terminated. Please forward the above error code to the site administrator.

    The error code can be used by an administrator to lookup the full error message in the Administration Control Panel via “Logs » Errors”. In addition the error has been written to the log file located at */log/2023-02-23.txt and can be accessed with an FTP program or similar.

    Notice: The error code was randomly generated and has no use beyond looking up the full message."

    I can't donate this error comes out

    Bye thx :/

  • Ok OK thx see on log connection X/

  • Soory i don't see

    and i don't necessity

    i respect rules never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if don'ty mark mission are not my prob

    and remember are a game.....

    thx for all


  • komme nicht auf den server????

  • Maleeeee i need rubberduck :) thx

  • Hallo, ist ein Admin da

    • Прошу снять бан игроку SunRays
      Please remove the ban for the SunRays player
      Причина\Reason :
      Хотел сдвинуть транспорт другим транспортом и улетел в космос.
      I wanted to move the transport by another transport and flew into space.

    Server name: [GER/ENG] AVMG.EU >Chernarus|PVE|Zombies< Exile|DMS|RoamAI|CDAH
    Server version: 208149743
    Required game version: 2.8.0
    Map: Cup_chernarus_A3
    Mission: Chernarus

  • ERROR SCREENHi pls I need little help.. I play on your server Altys two mounts ago but now I cant connect to your server.. all moods are green but still nothing.. I send pic with this error.. I test unsubscribe and new sub mood and nothing

  • Hello. I have a problem(. My crafted abrams m1 was destroyed due to a bug. I just sat in the driver's seat and there was an explosion. An inscription appeared in the chat that the cause of death ... Arma.

    nickname: cezet

    It happened in Chernarus:

    Time was 16:35 due to Kyiv

    Can you restore it?

    photos of my tank and the result of the destruction at my base (the tank was on the ground as stated in the rules).

  • Hello, I made a donation and I didn't know if I had to report it.

  • :?: :?: :?:

    Sorry I'm writing to you about Darkie's ban.

    I have never broken into a car and I have only taken vehicles on a mission and once an abandoned eli is open how do I know if it belongs to someone? maybe I'm wrong. Before banning, perhaps, and education to speak. I'm sorry I donated because the servers are well structured and controlled against injustice and if it is so serious what I did ok the ban is there. But .... in short, 6 years in Arma, of which 4 in Arma 3 and two as admin Of NFS well, I have never banned and in any case I would ask for explanations.

    Thanks it was a pleasure. Have a good time.

  • Hello after the change on the server i can not sell from my car inventory anymore.

    I can see the car and inventory on the trader (waste dump).

    When going out the menu i have to get in my car again to see it.

    The message i get from the trade when i try to sell is failed to trow away items.

    Hope you can fix this for us.

    • this has nothing to do with the update

    • Ok but it is a problem i manage to sell by hitting the trader guy and looking towards my vehicle.

      And another thing is happening when trying to put a vehicle in the vg you only see the vehicle you where last in.

      It used to be when i have entered a vehicle the server reminds it till restart.

      Strange all these new bugs.

    • Sometimes these are client side bugs. A restart of the game helps.

  • Hallo Maletzki mein VIP+ steht in meinen Profil nicht mehr???

    Gruß Thomas

  • Hallo Stinker

  • Hallo, mein Freund MLP.NEO ist gestern gebannt worden. Er versteht aber nicht warum. Er hat roaming AI geschossen. Kannst Du mir sagen gegen welche Regel er verstossen hat. Wenn ja, geschah das in Unkenntnis.

    Sorry, dass ich hier schreibe, beim AVMEU Panel konnte ich mich nicht registrieren (keine Rechte).

    Gruss, Torsten...

    • bitte Ticket in Discord eröffnen oder im TeamSpeak Warteraum erscheinen (Discord geht schneller und erfordert keine Anwesenheit)

  • Hi wo kann ich was über den Stamm VIP lesen??

    • Nirgends, Infos dazu gibt es nur bei uns.

      Stamm VIP bekommst du, wenn du drei Monate hintereinander gespendet hast. Laut unserem System hast du bereits zwei hinter dir. Im März würdest du also Stamm VIP bekommen.

    • Ich habe an Eric gespendet

    • ja, das bin ich - entsprechend führe ich intern eine Liste, wo ich notiere, wer wann gespendet hat um das Stamm VIP im Auge zu behalten

    • kommst du heute noch on? müsste ein Gebäude neu stellen welches nicht richtig steht, bekomme es selber nicht bewegt.

    • bitte in den Support Warteraum kommen oder Ingame jemanden anschreiben

  • Hallo ich habe jetzt schon 5 mal gespendet und bin immer noch kein VIP

  • Alles Gute Habibo

  • With Chernarus closing, will respect and cash be transferred to another server, just wondering.

  • Hallo ähhh Herr Maletzki man sagte mir das ich nach meiner 3. Spende eine Zusatzfunktion erhalten würde. Worum handelt es sich da genau und lässt sich das einrichten?

  • Moin Malle,
    wollte mal fragen wie es bezüglich eines Slacks aussieht? Ist im Endeffekt ein Programm auf Handy oder PC welches man wie WhatsApp nutzen kann - nur anonym(ohne Nummer etc). Von anderen Servern kenne ich es, dass es benutzt wird, um hohe Teammitglieder erreichen zu können selbst wenn sie nicht auf dem TS3 sind. Denke möglicherweise wäre das vielleicht auch eine Lösung falls die Server wieder hochgefahren werden müssten oder auch für Bugreports etc (lässt sich ja viel mit machen) und noch ein anderen Thema: du meintest ja, dass du diese "Erdbeeben" entfernen wolltest - kommt es dazu noch oder wird das weiterhin so beibehalten? LG Fatum