Rules [Update: 31.03.2024]

Golden Rules:

- Stealing player property is strictly forbidden

- Gaining an advantage by exploiting game mistakes is forbidden and can lead to permanent banishment

- missions must be marked, that means on the map as well as by a claim in the side channel
- General questions are answered in our FAQ, see

- forcing a player to get banned, e. g. while pushing him with a vehicle, will be punished with a permanent ban

Base Building:

- Bases must be built appropriately so that physical forces are not undermined.

- Main roads may be built on to such an extent that vehicles can pass through without problems

- Vehicles may not be parked on building parts

- Players within a group are allowed to have a maximum of two Bases

- administratively we take us the right to remove bases of inactive players

- the maximum build height is 75m

Explosive ordnance:

- Mines may not be laid

- Vehicles that have cluster mines on board may be used. However, each mine must be removed by the player after use

- If other players are harmed by the use of explosive ordnance, compensation must be paid accordingly

- the senseless destruction of buildings with any kind of ordnance is prohibited

- the use of rocket launchers (artillery) shall be as limited as possible


- Other players may only help with missions if they have been invited

- Killing yourself to claim a mission faster is forbidden

- Missions may only be marked within a radius of 3km (this applies to marking on map and Side Channel)

- Missions must be prepared and started immediately after claiming, blocking the mission by e.g. buying ammunition is not allowed

- it is recommended to first claim in Side Channel and then on map

- in a support case the claim on Side Channel will be used as evidence

- Claim markers must include the name of the player who claimed the mission

- after completion (= this also includes looting) of the missions, the marker on the map must be removed

- on the map marked side missions (like Gear Crates) also need to be claimed

- Vehicles from missions are not replaced if they have been destroyed

- Unclaiming missions in general is not allowed

Static missions for Lone Wolves and Helpers:

- Definition Lone Wolf: player who has claimed the mission alone

- Definition Helper: player who has joined the mission by asking for help

- Static missions can be done alone, but: Admins have the right to cancel the mission if the player is not able to complete it

- Static missions may not be done with artillery and warships (exception for warships: Radioactive Island on Altis and Chernarus) - for rule violations see…th-the-artillery-warship/

- Static missions may only be done once per server period by a player/group

- Players who have already participated in a static mission may not participate in any further missions

- It is not allowed to park any vehicles around Static missions

- Camping static missions to begin them faster is not allowed

- Changing of vehicles after claiming the static mission is not allowed

- the missions needs to be started and finished (= AI count 0) with the same vehicle which you have claimed it

- on foot (incl. unarmed vehicles): you are not allowed to move away from the mission, bring enough ammo with you

- in vehicles (armed): you are not allowed to move away from the mission, rearming can be done through crates or vehicles

- in helicopters (armed): you are allowed to move away in a 3km from the mission to rearm

- in planes (armed): you are allowed to move away from the mission to rearm

- if the vehicle, which you have claimed the mission with, is getting destroyed, you can do the mission with a vehicle of the lower level (plane -> helicopter -> vehicle -> on foot); abuse through suicide of vehicle is not allowed

- a change of vehicle is only allowed to finally (= trigger the mission to be a success) end the mission and/or to kill bugged AI

- if the number of players is low, players may coordinate with each other to complete several static missions (but remember: keep other players in mind!)

Static missions in groups:

- Definition of group: associated players who have simultaneously claimed the mission and/or are in a connection (group) with each other

- all rules mentioned above apply

- starting a mission is possible with every kind of vehicle (= no restriction), a change of vehicles is still not allowed

- changing to continue on foot is possible every time

Names of Static missions:

- Altis: Military Airfield, Military Radar Station, Military Soldier Base, Radioactive Island

- Chernarus: Military Soldier Base, Myshkino Lumber Mill, Radioactive Island

- global: -/-


- Vehicles outside the virtual garage disappear automatically after 48 hours

- Vehicles parked in large areas around the traders will be deleted by a staff members

- unlocked mission vehicles will be deleted without question during checks

- Vehicles that have a lock are player property

- Vehicles which were destroyed by AI will not get refunded in any case

Pylon Manager:

- Aircrafts are allowed to be modified freely

- the use of Nukes (if possible) is prohibited and will be punished according to internal guidelines

- The use of cluster bombs is not allowed - if you don't know if the armament is one, just ask

- If a cluster bomb is used by mistake, the player must clean up the mines

- We reserve the right to delete aircrafts of players who violate these rules

Rule offenses:

- Reports of players can be made via Discord but only with evidence

- without evidence we don't accept any reports and don't take actions against reported players

How do I get support?

- Please join our Discord and create a ticket there.

- PLEASE DO NOT private message any staff member for support - they will be ignored. Multiple violations may result in a temporary ban.

- and most importantly, please read the rules before asking for support.

- Evidence in the form of videos can be requested by us in case of doubt

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Many other questions are answered in our FAQ. Just take a look here: