Arma 3 Exile Minimal Changes 18.09.2022

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    - set the start gear to 500

    - you are now getting only 7% money of the buy price of a item

    - you are now getting only 0.4% respect of the buy price of a item

    - the Trader Virtual Garage is now free, but you can only store 5 vehicles in it

    - Flag Crate now only have wooden stuff, no backpack anymore

    - spawn gear was also edited, you now have only a Vermin - no vest and night vision anymore

    - adjusted the prices of spawn vehicles: MRZR, M-900 and Canoe for 500 Poptabs; Tigr and EC-635 for 1000 Poptabs

    - reduced the price of artys about 50%

    - removed Zombies on Tanoa

    - if you die, you'll get only a 2% respect penalty

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