Arma 3 Exile Minimal Changes 15.09.2022

  • - added Harvesting System

    All over the map you can find seeds. You can also find them in Gear Crates, Ship Wrecks and DMS Missions.

    When you have found seeds, you can plant them via double click in your territory. You can plant a maximum of 6 plants per species, depending on the territory level. The following levels are needed:

    Base Level 1 - 4: One Plant

    Base Level 5 - 9: Two Plants

    Base Level 10 - 14: Three Plants

    Base Level 15 - 19: Four Plants

    Base Level 20 - 24: Five Plants

    Base Level 25: Six Plants

    Every plant has to be watered and fertilized. You can do both 30 times, but only once per server period.

    When you plant the seeds, the plant needs at least 5 days to crow. So after 5 days you can harvest it.

    The more you water and fertilize it, the more it returns when harvested.

    The maximum amount of returns is 12 items per plant.

    For watering you need a Water Canister with Fresh Water or a Bottle of Fresh Water.

    For Fertilizer you need the following items: Rotten Berries, Rotten Orange, Rotten Apple, Rotten Apricot, Rotten Pear, Rotten Watermelon, Rotten Banana and Rotten Carrot.

    You can craft the Fertilizer with a Empty Food Canister you can buy. The rotten fruits can be found everywhere on the map and also on DMS Missions.

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